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No dreams of the future: setting up and operating innovative recycling programs

The first recycling step requires courage: manufacturers take responsibility for their products and beyond. But the better take-back works, the higher the potential for sustainable business innovation becomes. That's why HolyPoly develops economical recycling programs and customized take-back systems. The result: measurable sustainability that can be seen and preserves the value of the material in the long term.

Discovery: Potential analysis of recycling options

Brands with responsibility: "End of Life" full of opportunities

HolyPoly becomes an expedition leader and, together with brand manufacturers, explores the best recycling opportunities in strategically important markets and regions. The starting point is the company's own plastic products or consumables that will sooner or later reach the end of their life and are not recycled today. The aim of the discovery phase is to find new recycling perspectives for them so that valuable plastic material does not end up in incineration plants or landfills in the future, but becomes the basis for circular business models. Waste becomes a field of innovation here. To this end, the HolyPoly team analyzes processes, material flows, materials and reveals the potential for new plastic cycles that pay off - for the company and the environment.
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validation: Feasibility study recycling process

From waste to asset? Product-specific recycling in a practical test

The proof of the pudding is in the eating: The feasibility of a separate recycling solution often only proves itself in practice. That's why HolyPoly tests the recycling process specially adapted to a product group in mini format in this step - from pretreatment and shredding to cleaning and fine sorting to high-quality application. The benefit: reliable data from all process steps. Costs, yield, processes, quality or compliance can be assessed on the basis of these "real world tests" before costly roll-out. In addition to initial prototypes and sample quantities, the final impact report then provides all the technical and economic data needed for a well-founded decision on the next steps.
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Scoping: conception of recycling program

The best way to recycle plastics

In the recycling program scoping, all technical and economic implementation issues of a take-back system are thought through from front to back: How do I persuade consumers to return discarded plastic products? How can the subsequent logistics be organized optimally? Which partners guarantee the highest quality in sorting and cleaning? Which recycling process leads to the best yields of own recyclate? What does waste legislation require? And does the whole system really protect the environment and climate? HolyPoly clarifies this and much more during the scoping phase. At the end of this phase, a concept for a recycling program is developed that is perfectly tailored to the company's goals and possibilities. What's left to do then? Press "PLAY"..

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Recycling: Implementation of recycling program

The complete take-back and recycling solution: a perfect fit from a single source

Now it's getting serious: HolyPoly is putting the recycling program on track. "Lost" plastics are given a recycling perspective and return to the system. The highlight of HolyPoly is that the company's own material streams are now treated separately and reprocessed in precisely designed recycling processes. This produces recyclates in qualities and quantities not otherwise available on the market - the perfect basis for sustainable plastic products. This helps the environment and the brand: a proactive and responsible manufacturer becomes part of the solution with its discarded products. But that's just the beginning. Direct access to the "end of life" simultaneously creates a sustainable field of innovation for attractive circular business models. Hello future!
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Showcase: recycled product small series

Proof Point: A special edition made from your own waste

Inspiration - that is the promise of this offer. Because here, special products are created in small batches from rescued plastic material, made as far as possible from 100 percent of the company's own waste. Each showcase demonstrates how a closed-loop culture is practiced within the company, and that an "end of life" should not be the end for plastic products or packaging in the future. On the contrary, it is about the inspiring realization of the value of the material and how to make it usable again and again. The show must go on! And on ... and on ... and on..
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