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Bringing circular systems to life. 
Step by step.  

HolyPoly is serious about recycling plastic. This attitude begins with good ideas and continues where it really matters: implementation! With its interdisciplinary specialists and partners, HolyPoly is always moving forward, step by step. Product development. Material control. Process design. Testing. Optimization. Scaling. Until all the obstacles have been overcome and the good idea is a functioning plastic cycle. Loop closed.

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Recycling done right!

HolyPoly has the expertise and technology for comprehensive recycling solutions. Plastic is too valuable to incinerate and the circular economy does not work without recycling. HolyPoly is setting new standards for mechanical recycling. We take the product’s entire life cycle into account, from development (using recycled materials) to recycling after the end of its useful life. The HolyPoly team’s passion and wide-ranging expertise is the first step on the road to the circular economy. A worn-out cordless screwdriver can become a new tool and a worn-out doll can become a new toy. HolyPoly is active throughout the entire value chain so it can exploit this enormous recycling potential until it becomes an endless loop. On constant repeat.

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“What really won us over was that HolyPoly offered the entire package, from development, consulting and workshops to storytelling.”

Lea Stegemann

Sustainability Manager, EOS GmbH

HolyPoly: a one-stop shop

As a full-service partner, HolyPoly promises brand manufacturers of plastic products everything they need for plastic recycling from a single source. HolyPoly bundles all the necessary resources in a single place. It brings all the elements together as part of project management until the recycling programme is running smoothly and the product is actually coming off the production line. This 360° service is made possible by a combination of HolyPoly’s comprehensive in-house expertise and an extensive industry network.


At HolyPoly, consulting means more than just management simulation games. HolyPoly’s consulting team guides both the conception and the implementation of recycling projects. Questions concerning materials and production technology are just as important as compliance and a viable business model. By addressing these, HolyPoly ensures that the right course is set at the decisive moment. 


At HolyPoly, design goes far beyond product design. It encompasses the fundamental design of processes and procedures on the way to value-added recycling that closes material loops in the long term. Many things emerge during the process, including innovation processes in companies, new communication channels in dialogue with consumers and new ways of thinking about the product-service system. 


HolyPoly combines engineering expertise from disciplines such as plastics technology, mechanical engineering, materials science and chemical engineering with recycling to get the best out of materials. In turn, this quality forms a reliable basis for sustainable quality products. HolyPoly’s engineers possess technical and organisational expertise that far exceeds the prerequisite skills.

How can HolyPoly’s expertise help you?

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The two sides of the material question – quality and sourcing – are equally relevant for HolyPoly’s recyclate experts. Formula development and compounding are decisive for product quality, while scouting and sourcing ensure that the desired recyclate is available. This includes proof of origin, certification and everything else that goes with it.


HolyPoly’s experienced practitioners have both the know-how and the technologies to turn theoretical plans and defined processes into reality. Their expertise ranges from design, toolmaking and production planning to sample series and mass production. They cover injection moulding, rotational moulding, extrusion, thermopressing, 3D printing and much more. 


HolyPoly uses its technical know-how to design all aspects of communication for the plastic cycle. HolyPoly doesn’t do greenwashing. It takes hard dry facts and turns them into exciting, inspiring stories with persuasive power and technical precision. These stories provide the basis for authentic campaigns, which HolyPoly conceives together with its clients’ existing agencies. HolyPoly also centrally coordinates its clients’ production and roll-out.

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    For all their theoretical expertise, HolyPoly’s teams work in a consistently practice-oriented manner. HolyPoly maintains its own production environment, which includes testing facilities, sorting systems and processing machines, in order to carry out the necessary reality checks at every point during process development.

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    Clear processes

    Part of HolyPoly’s concept is to include a wide variety of methods. It is the basis for every service package and each package is tailored precisely to the needs and circumstances of the client. Detailed reporting ensures that the defined requirements are met throughout the course of the project and that these requirements become a valuable source of data as the process progresses. 

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    Finding a way through the legal jungle

    HolyPoly checks all the regulatory obligations associated with the respective recycling project during project development. These include the provisions of the German Circular Economy Act (KrWG) and the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG), issues relating to product and chemical regulations, copyright law and data protection regulations. 

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