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No leftover recycling: development and implementation of products made from recycled plastic

HolyPoly develops ideas, concepts and processes that exploit the potential of recycled plastics: high-quality products with high utility value and good market opportunities. To this end, HolyPoly combines broad expertise in all relevant disciplines: product development, material selection, sustainable design, recyclate sourcing, manufacturing, logistics or marketing are just a few of them. The result: attractive and economical products made from recyclate.

Prototyping: development circular product

With high pressure from the first idea to the recycled product

HolyPoly really steps on the gas when it comes to prototyping: recycling ideas become real products without any detours. It often takes only a few days from the first model to the first injection molded part. All the necessary plastics processing techniques are available in the HolyPoly Lab. The effect: Every idea can be tried out quickly and without restrictions, with short paths and a lot of learning effect. Because once you have a product in your hands, the next steps become "tangible" in the literal sense of the word. The prototype becomes a convincing door opener for the next steps for the stakeholders involved in the project.
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scoping: concept circular series

The optimal path to sustainable series production

In serial scoping, HolyPoly clarifies all questions that determine the success of the project. Which recyclate is the right one? What quantities are required and realistic? Which manufacturing process allows the most economical production? With answers to questions like these and many more, the customized concept sets the framework for a precisely fitting process - from development to quality control of the recycled serial product. The big bonus: The vast experience of the HolyPoly specialists. They define all "stumbling blocks" long before the start of production, because they know the process risks and competently accompany important decisions. With the right project partners, realistic forecasts and reliable budget planning. Ready to play?
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Recipe: Material Development & Compounding Recyclate

It's all in the mix: Material made to measure

The variety of materials is one of the great advantages of plastic. Normally. When recyclates are used, things are often different: Sometimes the required quantity is not available, sometimes the material properties do not fit the requirements. HolyPoly solves these problems - within the limits of what is possible through compounding. The material experts find the perfect blend for each recycling product. They add additives and fillers to improve the recyclate and develop suitable formulations based on the available starting materials, optionally including the collection of comprehensive material data as a basis for simulations. This makes it possible to plan work with recycled materials as reliably as only virgin materials can.
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Design: Development circular series

Focus on market readiness: maximally recycled and recyclable design

A 100% recyclable series product made of recycled plastic - that is the goal. To achieve this, HolyPoly's industrial design team develops components that are suitable for production and recycling. From the design to the production-ready construction, a CAD model ready for series production is created, which is constantly validated by simulations and prototypes in various production techniques. After a number of standard and individual tests, a pre-series is finally started in the final material and process. In the end, everything has to be right: Surface, economic efficiency, carbon footprint... Because only when the process and product quality is completely ensured does production start.
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Manufacturing: circular series product

The plastic cycle closes

Here, brands achieve the goal together with HolyPoly: circular economy becomes industrial reality. With a broad international network of toolmakers, plastics processors and refiners, HolyPoly implements the sustainable transformation in series production. Because it's only when recycled plastics reach mass production that things really start to move: every ton saves energy, CO2 and resources. At the same time, waste mountains shrink - because they become new quality products. And each of these products can find its way back into the cycle at the end of its life cycle, for a new chapter in plastics.
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With system HolyPoly develops recycling solutions that bring old plastic products back to life. From collection to the new recyclable material.

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